In ECO COTTON FRIENDSHIP we strive to achieve one simple goal: we want to work with the best of the best. Therefore, our priority is to attract, support and develop diverse and unique people and true professionals – regardless of their age, origin, gender, religion, or physical data. The most valuable thing in our company is our employees. We are different, from different generations, and we are proud of the culture of open communication and respect for each other that we have created. That’s why we are convinced that we need to build a career with us
Selection process
When deciding on the hiring of a new employee, we strive to select the most talented candidates. A set of experienced managers is an important condition for our overall success. Our goal is to attract talented managers with extensive business experience, possessing both excellent technical skills and leadership qualities.

The process of selection of candidates for vacancies for “ECO COTTON FRIENDSHIP” includes the following stages:

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Финансовый аналитик

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